Tinder, the Other Online Shopping Experience

Online shopping versus online dating – is there really even a difference? Turns out that no, there really isn’t one. But just like retail, relationships have been revolutionized by the simplicity of shopping for – sorry – seeking a mate. And no matter what you may think of online dating, the positive and negatives are parallel in online retail and online relationship hunting.

Pros of Dating Apps

Convenience (Natch)

There are days when you’ve got to buy things you need, and then there are days you just want to shop. On days like this, it’s just about getting out there, taking a look around, seeing what’s on the racks and knowing you’re not in the market for anything – just in the market.

But then there are the days where you can’t be bothered to leave the house, but you still want to browse – and just like your favourite brand’s website, this is where Tinder really shines: just fire up the app and peruse the hottest new items while presenting the curated version of yourself, all while in your slippers and jogging pants.

No Budget? No Problem!

As much as browsing the Zara fall/winter collection might be, you know you’re not going to be able to buy it all, however just browsing is most of the fun!

Well, it’s the exact same with free dating and hook up apps like Tinder– swipe, swipe, swipe and see what’s out there. No expectations, no pressure, just a healthy curiosity to see who’s just a tap away.

Returns are Easy

We’ve all been there before: that black pair of pants looked perfect for you – the style you like, great cut, fantastic contouring, but when they finally arrived and you got your hands on them in real life, you were deflated. The fabric just isn’t right, the pockets non-existent – it’s a classic case of a ‘better in the photos’ situation. And just like on Tinder, you can simply fold it back up and return to sender – no muss, no fuss!

Cons of Dating Apps

You Can’t Try it on First

Even a shopping pro knows that there’s nothing more difficult than figuring out if an item is going to look good on you without trying it on first. Sure, you can predict; there are cuts you know flatter you best, but a trip to the fitting room puts any and all questions to rest.

When you’re checking someone out on your phone screen, you’re really only getting half of the story – and that’s half of the story they’re choosing to share with the world. So what’s good on paper isn’t always the case in real life.

Sometimes, You Just Have to Be There

Let’s face it, some of the best items you’re ever going to find are on the racks, not online. Vintage and second-hand shops are full of gems that you’d never find had you not walked in to the shop on a fateful day. Think of online dating-abstainers as a rack of vintage clothes that you’ve got to parse through to find the good ones; exhausting yes, but totally worth it when you find one you didn’t even know was out there for the taking.

Do You Really Need It?

Dating and shopping online are so easy that we sometimes find ourselves making that purchase without much need or desire to do so. When it’s as easy as a swipe or a tap, why the hell not?

But sometime, we’re just fine alone. Some right-swipes turn into those texting conversations that go nowhere, and meanwhile you could be doing absolutely anything else, like being happy alone and free to do whatever – like shopping online!

Of course, there are no universal truths; after all, Tinder has opened up a whole world of fun, whether it’s just for browsing or taking the plunge and meeting someone. Just remember to swipe, and shop, sensibly!


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Where Has Your Sex Drive Gone?

The sex gremlins. At one time, they’ve visited us all. Those little voices that pipe up at exactly the worst moment. Like when you’ve forked out half your salary on a night in a swanky hotel and you’ve just ripped off your partner’s underwear with your teeth.

She’s not enjoying herself.  He doesn’t fancy you. Your sex drive’s disappeared! You’re dead inside.

But is all hope truly lost when our sexual urges are no longer coming unbidden?

We expect our ‘sex drives’ to be ever-ready, to propel us straight into steamy Hollywood sex, at any given moment. So when we fail to get horny, it feels like our sex drive has ‘disappeared’ and we panic.

Emily Nagoski Ph.D., author of ‘Come As You Are’ and total sex nerd (her words), argues that where we’re all going wrong is even using the expression ‘sex drive’.

What’s Driving Us?

A drive is a “biological mechanism whose job it is to keep the being at a normal baseline – drives like hunger and thirst force us to fulfil them or we risk dying”.

By calling it a ‘drive’ we’re implying that we can’t live without it. But as Nagoski so eloquently points out: “nobody ever died because of not being able to get laid”.

Rather, she categorizes desire into two types: spontaneous and responsive. Spontaneous desire is that sexual lightning bolt. It appears from nowhere and POW, you’re horny. Interestingly, it’s also how the majority of men (70%) experience desire.

Responsive desire, on the other hand, is desire that is triggered. By a dirty text, a slap on your ass, someone sharing their filthy fantasy with you. It’s a response. And for 80% of women, this is their primary desire mechanism.

So in a nutshell, desire won’t always appear like a giant dildo falling from the heavens. If you’re a responsive kinda person, desire can be a fragile creature. One that needs to be nurtured and coaxed out of its little shell. And this, Nagoski argues, can be a very subtle process.

Go, Go, Stop

The analogy Nagoski uses is that of driving a car. We all have an ‘accelerator’ and a ‘brake’. Your ‘accelerator’ gets you turned on by receiving sexual stimuli from the things around you: smells, touch, sexual thoughts. If your accelerator is sensitive, desire will come easy to you.

However, we also have a ‘brake’ system. This assesses all the potential threats in a sexual situation. These could be the fear of an unwanted pregnancy, the fear that you won’t please your partner, or even fear that you yourself won’t be able to climax.

And if your brain perceives these as serious threats, the brakes get slammed on and you shut down. No more fun sexy time for you.   

Analyzing your brake system is a good way to understand why and how you get turned off. Looking back at your past sexual encounters, particularly unsatisfactory ones, what made you shut off? Did you worry about your performance? Did you feel unsexy, or worry that you wouldn’t cum? By asking these questions, you can learn what activates your brakes.

But how do you stop them being slammed on? A useful tool is to change your sexual goals, and how you go about achieving them. If your goal is to cum, change the goal to just enjoying the touch of your partner, or the feeling of lying naked together. Lower your expectations of the whole situation (yes, even if you’ve just forked out $300 for that boutique hotel room) and you might find that your anxiety drops.

Another tip is to focus on your senses: the feel of your partner’s skin, the sensation of a sex toy, the sound of your partner’s breath. Focusing on enjoying simple sensations can help you stay in the moment. Anxious thoughts will start to disappear, and your ‘sex brakes’ are less likely to kick into action.

Final Thoughts

Even if you’re someone with a sensitive accelerator and almost no brakes, your partner may not have the same system as you. By creating an environment where desire can thrive, you’ll both reap the rewards.

So next time that voice in your head demands to know why you’re not horny or where the hell your sex drive has gone, be easy on yourself and your partner.  You might just find that those sex gremlins become a little quieter, and sex gets a bit sexier.

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4 Fun Facts About Our Readers to Celebrate Volonté’s 4th Birthday!

It’s been quite a ride – pun intended – so let’s look back into the archives for 4 fun facts about Volonté readers!

1.Most  Popular Article of All Time Is…

…one of this writer’s very first articles, Top 5 Positions That Put HIM in Control. Volonté readers don’t shy away from BDSM, so if you’re kink-curious you can check these links out!

2.Where to Turn When You’re in the Mood…

The most common way for people to end up on the Volonté  blog is by searching for erotic stories – and it’s no wonder! If you’ve never checked out our Erotic Fiction section, prepare to be delighted and enthralled by the best of best of our (definitely NSFW) sexy stories:

3.’Tis the Season for Anal Sex?

For reasons we’re sure we’ll never understand, searches for articles about anal sex tend to peak around the second week of March. Why not get a head start?

4.Does Size Really Matter?

Men are 7x more likely to be searching for articles related to penis size, so we think it’s fair to say gentleman all over the world can all just relax, because women really don’t care. But, if you insist…

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When it Comes to Vaginas, Does Size Matter?

When we talk about size and sex, there is usually a focus on penis size, which can cause plenty of anxiety to those who have one.

But in reality, concern about your size is something that also worries many women; one only has to visit maternity forums to realize the concern many have over having a vagina that is bigger, and sometimes even having one too small.  

We can confidently assure you, dear reader, that we are neither too big nor too small, we are just perfect. And, for once, this is not a comforting lie, but the actual scientific proof – and here’s why.

The Size of a Vagina

First,let’s take a step back: what do we mean when we refer to the vagina?

It’s very common in casual conversation for people to use the term ‘vagina’ to refer to the entirety of the genitalia, including the erogenous zones.However, the vagina is in fact only the canal intended to accommodate the penis and birth babies, while the exterior part that includes the clitoris and labia are called the ‘vulva.’ (By the way, if you’re concerned about having labia minora that are bigger than the labia majora – aka ‘outie lips – you’re in good company. Approximately 50% of people have vulvas that look like this.)

Now, this canal –  just like the penis, like the hands, like the nose – has dimensions varying from person to person, and is generally between 6 and 9 cm, but, also like the penis, it has the ability to lengthen.


Rather than a tube, a vagina can be better thought of like an umbrella; normally it is It is folded in on itself, but has the ability to open up to accommodate the penis – by up to 200%.

For this reason, the size of a penis (and of a vagina) count for a lot less than we think, because in reality the vagina adapts to accommodate the anatomy of the penis (or sex toy or what have you).

Excluding a few medical conditions, penetration shouldn’t hurt. If it is painful to have sex with a larger penis – or to have penetrative sex for the first time, for that matter – the culprit is much more likely to be a lack of adequate foreplay. Foreplay ensures that the vagina is expanded enough to comfortably be penetrated as well as lubricated to help things go more smoothly – though there are situations where using extra lube may be necessary.

Basic Training

Now, just because vaginas are pros are expanding and contracting for sex  – not to mention birthing whole humans – doesn’t mean you can’t tone those muscles for better sex.

Kegel exercises are exercises that anyone can do to recover loss of strength in pelvic floor – a hammock of muscles that keep our organs in. These muscles can be naturally weak, or be weakened by pregnancy (not just vaginal childbirth).

Keeping these muscles in shape by doing pelvic floor exercises is not a means to modify the ‘size’ of a vagina; but rather to help with incontinence caused by a weak pelvic floor, and, in the case of better sex, help you achieve more intense orgasms.

Discreet and easy – especially when aided by a smart trainer like the LUNA Smart Bead – performing daily  Kegel exercises can help you unlock prolonged, even multiple orgasms!

In Conclusion

Among the unfounded fears mentioned above about the vagina you are born with is the idea that using a particularly large sex toy, having a well-endowed partner or having a baby will cause your vagina to lose its shape.

But these fears are absolutely unfounded: the vagina is an elastic organ, which regains its original form over time – just a few hours after sex and few months after childbirth.

Even in these cases, having toned pelvic floor muscles can help its ability to revert back, so if you’re concerned, then just remember  – lift and squeeze!

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Sexy Goodnight Texts for Extra Sweet Dreams

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, it’s because you’ve realized that ‘U up?’ isn’t necessarily the most highly-appreciated way to let someone special know that you’re on their mind late at night. Never fear, as we’ve let ourselves get a little bit poetic with these sexting ideas for saying goodnight.

The Romantic Texts

Just saying ‘sweet dreams’ no match to these lines…

“I’ll be sleeping on the very edge of the bed so I imagine your body is lying next to me tonight.”

“The sheets still smell like your cologne/perfume and it’s not making me feel very sleep at all…”

“If I can’t fall asleep with you in my bed I’ll just fall asleep with you in my heart instead.”

“Just texting you so that I can make sure you’re the last thing I think about tonight and the first thing I think about in the morning.”

The Risqué Text

Because subtly is overrated, in our humble opinion. 

“The noise outside my apartment is so loud, I wish I had your thighs to hold over my ears.”

“I’m ready to see all my favorite parts of you in my dreams.”

“If you can’t get to sleep I’ve heard orgasms are a great way to make yourself tired…”

“I’m going to bed early so I have plenty of energy for when you come over tomorrow.”

“I could really go for some  you right now.”

The Kinky Texts

Hey, kinky people wish each other goodnight too!

“Sleep well, and if you dream of me, remember that I like it rough.”

“I can’t sleep, will you tell me a story? Something where I’m the lead character, ropes are involved and you’d have to be over 18 to read it.”

“I’m trying to fall asleep but I just can’t figure out why there’s rope wrapped around my bedpost instead of your wrists.”

“Next time you sleep over, remember I’m a suck for romantic stuff.  Like dirty talk and spanking.”

“I want you to make me come with your tongue but tire me out with your cock,”

Go to Sleep Smiling…

A picture is worth 1000 words, and a game of sexy selfie tag (while taking necessary precautions of course) is the perfect way to make sure you both get tuckered out – and give you plenty of energy for the morning

Try turning it into a ‘Simon Says’ game, with parts of the body you’d each like to see, toys you’d like to see them use, etc. You can also try both watching the same erotic video and talking over text about your favorite parts…

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Spare the Rod: Spanking Tips for Beginners

Spanking in the bedroom has become so commonplace that many people have tried it (giving and receiving) without a lot of thought to the whys and hows of it; however when it comes to sexy spanking, it pays not to take a slap-dash approach. Here are top tips for beginners who want to get spanked or spank their partner!

Why Does Spanking Feel So Good?

There can be both mental and physical reasons why a smart bottom can be enjoyable to give and receive during sex. Psychologically, a lot of us into kinks that are a bit naughty and taboo, and the idea of being spanked (which is taboo) for being naughty or taboo is just meta way to think about this particular sexual play.

For exploring D/s power dynamics and kinky role play, spanking is one of the easiest ways to dip your toe into kinky waters: all it takes is a willing hand and bottom, plus some momentum. Oh, and aim; aim is very important during impact play, but we’ll address that below.

As to why the physical sensation can be so pleasurable during sex, it all has to do with the release of dopamine, which makes us feel happy and shows up when we feel pain, leading to that fine line of something ‘hurting so good’ that John Cougar Mellencamp sang about.

Additionally, when you’re spanking someone’s bum, it happens to be close to the body equipment we tend to use during sex. In both sex and foreplay, a lot of blood courses through these areas and a sharp slap to the derriere actually increases blood flow and, as a result, arousal.

Rules of the Rump

There are some general spanking rules and etiquette to follow in order to make sure everyone involved stays slap-happy (in addition to the usual conversations about desires, safe words and limits that we know all of you have with your partner because you’re wonderful folks):

-Strikes should be focused on the lower (meatier) part of the butt cheeks and upper thighs

-Follow each spank with a light caress of the slapped area (this isn’t just about being tender while you tenderize; switching between light and soft sensations during play make for fun teasing and help keep the spankee from going numb).

-Don’t slap hard enough to leave a hand print – unless permission is given

-Make sure to remove jewelry like rings, bracelets, watches and that Fitbit you got for Christmas but haven’t actually used.

Your Slap Map

To reiterate―it’s best as a beginner to stick to the butt and thighs, as even gentle ‘love taps’ to the genitals are something left to advanced play.

When it comes to where to spank someone on the bottom, it can vary from person to person exactly where they want to be slapped, hence why communication is key. Generally, if you were to bisect a butt horizontally (that is, perpendicular to the crack) stick to the bottom half―that is, the part you would cup with your hand if giving your loved one a friendly squeeze.

Never spank someone near their tailbone or spine. It’s painful and extremely dangerous to engage in any sort of impact play around spine, kidneys or other vital organs.

Tips for Taps

Get in a position that offers the spanker a lot of range of motion and a clear view. The two best positions for spanking are to have the spankee on all fours with the spanker behind them, or to have the spanker sit on the edge of bed with their partner lying across the spanker’s lap, stomach down. A pillow can be placed under the stomach to prop up their hips to help with your aim and provide some shock absorption for the recipient of the spank.

Start soft. Beginning with a bottom massage of gentle strokes and soft tickling of their butt cheeks before starting builds the anticipation of the first strike and the jolt from soft to stinging will have their full attention.

Add a toy or two. Using an insertable toy such as LYLA 2 in the vagina or TANO 2 in the anus of the spankee makes for the extra erotic stimulation that helps spanking feel more sexy and less ouchy.

Ass-Slap Accoutrements

Speaking of the top tools of the trade for tackling sexy spanking, while most us start by using our hand, that doesn’t mean that you need to move on to using something else; each implement has its own pros, cons, and particular sensation that can be favored by either party.

Your Hand

Accurate, free, and capable of switching us the sensation depending on how you cup your hand.


Paddles (or, ‘hairbrushes*’ for the frugally-minded) are widely available in a number of materials like wood, metal or leather to vary the sensations, and offer a much more assertive slap than the hand, and tends to be less sting-y than whips. It’s best to start a spanking session with the hand and the buildup tension before using a paddle.

Whips & Floggers

Whips and floggers come in different lengths, shapes and materials, all offering a different type of sting. If you’re unsure, there are plenty of online resources different kinds of sensation, and trying them out can be half the fun!

* We mean the flat side. Unless the receiver is into the pokey side; you do you.

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My First Time Using: LYLA 2

The following is an anonymous account of the experiences of an anonymous LELO fan trying LYLA 2 for the first time.

I don’t want to start this off like a letter to Penthouse, but I truly never thought something like this would happen to me.

I’m not a prude by any measure – if that’s even a thing in this day and age – but when my husband laid out what he wanted me to wear to our anniversary dinner that night (which is one of the only kinky things we still get to do with two young kids in the house) I did gasp a little inside when I say [LYLA 2] laid out amongst my black dress and lacy lingerie.

After showing me how to the remote worked (FYI its vibrations are pretty awesome in their own right) he ‘helped’ me into my outfit for the evening and off we went.

I was beyond excited but also a little nervous, so I played with the remote in the car. We definitely had to set some rules about how strong he was allowed to go, because Lyla might be quiet I’m sure not when when it’s turned on all the way!

The restaurant we had picked was one we had been too since we started dating in our 20s, not particularly fancy, but we knew the menu, and the staff. They had probably seen us make out more than half a dozen times in our younger days, but still I wanted to make sure we sat in a back booth.

So in terms of how the actual meal went, I might have ruined the mood a little by getting the giggles.There’s nothing exactly sexy about snorting into your napkin while the waiter tries to take your order, which my husband definitely knows. No matter how slightly he tried to tilt the remote, I would get set off again. Though, the laughing was probably better than gasping and moaning?

This just egged him on, until I was begging for him to let me be. He finally agreed, and slipped me the remote as a sign of good faith. We ended up taking our food to go and driving up to fairly private green space parking lot to ‘finish up’ and enjoy the rest of our night. He thinks I was being overly sensitive, but let’s just say I’ve been looking at the cell-phone controlled butt plugs so that we can see if I was exaggerating!

Buy LYLA 2 Now

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Sex on the Beach: Your Spring Break Sex Guide

While we’re deep in the winter doldrums, there’s some respite around the corner that’s putting a spring in our step – spring break!

Far from just for college kids, taking a holiday in  late February to early March is the perfect way to recharge your batteries when you’re truly missing warm weather – and if you plan correctly, spring break can be downright hot.


What You Need to Know About Spring Break Sex

Where to Go

We’ve written extensively about sexy getaway locations for the colder months, whether you’re pining for pleasure  à la plage or take a walk on the wilder side with some naked hot springs in the northern hemisphere. Really, all you truly need is a new location and a bed to get some sexy inspiration – though lining up with one of the world’s uniquely sex-focused festivals would be pretty cool.

Oh, and if you aren’t one of the aforementioned college students blowing off some second semester steam…you’ll want to avoid South Padre, Cancun, and basically anywhere on the Floribama shore.

What to Bring

Whether you’re bringing a partner in tow or hoping for a whirlwind romance on foreign shores, it never hurts to pack some pleasure along.

Getting your sex toys through airport security is not impossible – just a little nerve-wracking. Stick to your smaller standbys, like MIA 2 or SIRI 2 and remember to engage the travel lock. If you’ve got kink in mind, then bringing light silk restraints are perfect both in terms of discretion (no clanking) and keeping yourself within the weight restrictions.

And, if you have to show security your ziploc bag full of goodies, just take comfort in the fact that your sex toys probably not the weirdest thing they’ve seen that day.

What to Remember

It’s all fun and games when it comes to a holiday – until you forget that the place you’re visiting isn’t just a vacation spot. Respect the rules of the place you’re visiting; Thailand, Vietnam and the Maldives are not sex toy friendly, for example, and many countries have as strict rules concerning having sex in public as your home country.

Additionally, don’t let your holiday attitude forget about your personal safety. Not all countries are safe for LGBTQ couples , including popular destinations such as Jamaica. And anywhere you go, remember that you can contract an STI on holiday even if real life responsibilities seem a million miles away, so make sure you have a condom you trust with you, rather than scrambling around a strange place looking for a pharmacy!

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Your Sexier New Year’s Resolutions

Be it in the bedroom or just out in the world, the start of a new year is a great time to take stock and examine our trajectories to figure out if what we find is affirming – or in need of some adjustment.

So what follows is a list of romance-related resolutions for the coming year – it’s been said that to make these annual goals real, you should write them down. So these resolutions come from a real place for the author, in the hopes that you, the reader, might see some that stick out to you in order to apply them to your own life.

Here’s to 2018!

1.Get Tested

Just gonna jump right into the deep end here. Most STIs are asymptomatic – meaning you could have them (and be passing them along) but have no idea.

Commit more to keep yourself and your partners protected by speaking very frankly with a medical professional about your sex life and they’ll give you an idea of how often you should get tested, and what you should be getting tested for.

2.Limber Up

If you’re anything like the author, you’re sat in front of a computer for more hours of the day than you should be. This year, make the commitment to using your body more, by preparing it for the day with a stretching session.

Getting loose with some simple stretches promotes better circulation, and will have you moving your body in ways that it normally wouldn’t during the regular day. A couple of go-to yoga poses you can fire off in ten minutes between waking and getting started with your morning routine will give you a stretch-out and activate some of your muscle groups to keep you limber, get your blood flowing, and can even strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

3.Lube Up

Okay here goes: More and more often, whether alone or with a partner, this author finds themself in need of some, but always considered having a bottle of lube in the bedside table somehow too much, like crossing some line. But if applying some lube can instantly add a new dimension to sex, why the heck not? A small drop can make a difference, so keep condoms and sex toy-safe lube on hand, just in case. I know I will.

Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, right?

4.Let Go of the Goal

In 2018, go to bed with someone – a casual hookup or your S.O. – without a goal in mind: the usual goal here being orgasm, of course. Just be close, get those love and lust endorphins flowing, and let things happen as they will. Some – actually most – people look at orgasm as the goal of sexual activity, but they neglect everything else that comes with intimacy.

‘Going to bed with someone’ isn’t just a quaint way of describing sex. Going to bed and exploring each other’s wants, or simply being close, is a great way to discover more about a new intimate partner, or even rediscover what originally attracted us to our long-term partners in the first place.

Okay, so what are you are resolved to do or not do in 2018? Cut out sugar? Cut back on frivolous spending? Tell us what it is, and a little about how you plan to do it, in the comments section!

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LELO Predicts the 5 Top Sex Trends of 2018

In 2016, taking information from  , I predicted that the sexual trends of 2017 would include more willingness to explore prostate pleasure, better understanding of complex relationship dynamics like polyamory, and smartphone integration in our bedrooms. I was wrong. Kind of. All those things did happen, but little did we know how big of a dumpster fire we were in store for when the midnight bells brought us into 2017.

However, hope and optimism spring eternal, and that’s why we think that sex can – and simply must, given the past year – become better, from the politics of consent to how technology continues to touch every aspect of our lives.

1.Respect and Consent

Hopefully the sex scandals which overpowered sexuality in 2017 represent a real sea change in mainstream attitudes, and 2018 will slowly encourage less hostile and less polarized discussions about consent and respect. This is going to be a long trend, but I’m hopeful that some good can come out of the ongoing exposure of high profile harassers and abusers. In short, the open dam of accusations has empowered women to defend their personal space and body agency, and confronted men with an ugly truth at the center of male culture. Now we have to examine the pieces as we put them back together.

2.Sonic Sex Toys

2017 saw LELO launch SONA, a clitoral stimulator that uses sonic waves instead of conventional vibrations. Launched to massive fanfare and garnering some early celebrity support, we expect to see our innovation inspiring many other pleasure brands to follow suit. We think it’s the most exciting time in the history of sex toys right now, and SONA is leading the way!


Pegging, the act of a man receiving anal sex from a woman usually wearing a strap on dildo, has been gaining currency in sexual circles for years. But now, it seems like the secret’s out, with increasing numbers of mainstream news sites reporting on it. 2018 might be the year the wave breaks and pegging makes it into vanilla bedrooms, in the same way that prostate massage did in 2016.

4.3D Printed Sex Toys

The technology is so nearly ready for this to become a real, practical thing – it’s possible that 2018 could see it start to be taken seriously. It’s an interesting thing, because it’s possible, easy, actually, to design and print your own designs. It’s still a bit expensive and printing still takes a long time, and most importantly you need to be sure you’re using the highest quality body-safe plastics, but there’s potential.

5.Virtual Reality

One of the most exciting areas of technology is in virtual reality, which after many years of false starts and lack of enthusiasm has suddenly blown up and laid the foundation of a revolution of the way we derive pleasure and interact with sexual stimulus. VR porn is already a thing and it’s growing fast, but we at LELO see further potential for use with future sex toys too.

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