Review Roundup: LELO LOKI Prostate Massager


REVIEW: the LELO LOKI. Everything A Luxury Massager Should Be.

“Before I even had a chance to run the LELO LOKI through the gauntlet, I was VERY impressed with this new anal toy for men. From the initial presentation in the windowed box, all the way to the prostate trembling orgasm grand finale, I loved this toy. Every step of the way..”

“My first time with this bad ass toy was a rare moment: I had a ginormous prostate O the very first time I used it! An impressive feat, to say the least.” read more

Im cheating again

My girlfriend, Karen has been working a lot recently and i haven’t had sex with her in weeks. I’ve been fucking her 18 year old sister, Emily, A LOT, as well as my sexy neighbor and my cousin/ex-girlfriend, Carolina. I prefer sex with Emily but I fe…

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Catching my Brother

I’m Cheryl 28 the eldest of 5 children, single and a nurse. I live in an appartment 3 blocks from my work. I have 3 sisters all married and the youngest is my only brother David 20 single shy and works in a bank. Recently David was transferred to a b…

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What Exactly Are Nipple Clamps?

What are Nipple Clamps?

Nipple clamps are a sex toy that squeeze your erect nipples to restrict the blood flow. Because nipples are a sensitive erogenous zone for men and women, the pinching sensation can give anyone a fun blend of pain and pleasure. They come in a range of designs, from alligator, butterfly or clover, and some have adjustable pressures. It’s best to speak with a professional in a sex toy store about the different intensities, and where best to start out. Think of it as retail therapy meets foreplay!

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Boost Your Bedroom Confidence

Self-esteem has just as big an impact inside the bedroom as it does outside of it, and just like everyone, we’re all subject to a crisis of confidence every now and then. When you find yourself feeling insecure about getting intimate – as can happen when we’re in a brand-new relationship or just feeling less than our best – remember these tips to get you feeling your finest and friskiest self again.

Honesty: The Best Policy

This isn’t some long, hard look in the mirror we’re suggesting here, but if you’re experiencing a bout of lowered sexual self-esteem, speak up and let your partner know before you’re in the middle of a sensual experience. This helps you avoid being pushed beyond your comfort zone, and will open the avenue of communication between you and your partner to talk through a solution to your sensual setback – there are a lot of ways to be intimate with your partner! read more