What Exactly Are Nipple Clamps?

What are Nipple Clamps?

Nipple clamps are a sex toy that squeeze your erect nipples to restrict the blood flow. Because nipples are a sensitive erogenous zone for men and women, the pinching sensation can give anyone a fun blend of pain and pleasure. They come in a range of designs, from alligator, butterfly or clover, and some have adjustable pressures. It’s best to speak with a professional in a sex toy store about the different intensities, and where best to start out. Think of it as retail therapy meets foreplay!

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My Brother David

I’m Debbie 45 divorced 2 grown children both over 20, I’m average build and looks. I’m a coach for a women’s football team. My oldest brother David is 56 and over 6 foot tall engineer and has travelled the world working on large projects. He is now d…

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The Girl Next Door

He’s known her since he was a kid, the girl next door. She used to play with his older sister and he was the little brother that was ignored. He didn’t ignore her though. Hormones raced through him when she’s come over to hang out with his sist…

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Beach Blanket Bingo! Tips for Sex in the Sand

Spring is in full swing, which means that a lucky few of us are already off visiting warmer climes, and the rest of us are busy making plan to do so come July. And, for those of us banking on a beach vacation to destress, sex is undoubtedly part of the plan. But if you’ve ever tried having sex on a beach before, it’s not as simple as you might think; so in order to keep giving so selflessly to you, dear reader, we field tested some tips for doin’ it in the dunes.

Case the Joint

Like a seasoned bank robber, you’re going to have to do a bit of recon before you do your dirty business. Look out for natural cover from prying eyes and sand-carrying gusts of wind. Also it might be a good idea for you to know when high and low tide come in for your chosen beach. read more

What it’s REALLY Like Being a Sex Toy Tester for LELO

Wonder what it’s like being a sex toy tester for pleasure company like LELO? One such woman decided to share her thoughts!

When asked what it’s like being a sex toy tester, it’s hard to know where to begin. At least, in writing this. When people ask me on Tinder, it depends a lot on WHAT they ask – I’m open about my job because it’s a good ‘creepy dude test’, and let’s just say I’m often disappointed and yet rarely surprised by what lines they try. read more


I’m Elroy 23 single handyman solid build, after I finished high school I started work as offsider to a carpenter and then a electrian and plumber. By the time I was 20 I had a good deal of experience in those areas. I wouldn’t tackle any major jobs i…

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Cousin John may have Caught Me

I watched television as my big cousin John hopped in the shower. I laughed as the movie kept playing, then realized the wine that I’ve been sipping on all day was beginning to kick in. My crazy and forbidden thoughts were not far behind that.. I lov…

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The incall high class escorts in London encounter – suggestions on ways to behave

Consumers who want to invest much less on high class escort models London usually do incall rather than outcall. You’ll need to be careful even though if you are in an model London escorts property. Should you do not respect the high end escorts London household you might not get a fantastic encounter. Should you are a client and also you roam around the top secret escorts’s incall or commence exploring all the things about, just count on the high class independent escort London to let you know to leave her place of operate and by no means return. As you’ll be able to anticipate an incall vip escorts London has multiple clientele that come to her house. But in undertaking so, this will not mean that customers need to make themselves at home. Don’t roam around her items or rearrange furniture. A client really should normally recognize why they may be at an british female escort’s location of perform inside the initially spot.

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That you are with an porn star escorts in London at her spot – the items you may need to accomplish

For those who are on a spending budget then you definitely may choose to choose up an incall London escort high class. You need to become cautious even though once you are in an London high end escorts property. When a client tends to make himself at residence whilst performing in the call, this can be detrimental to his encounter. Do not go about the house checking all the things up because you could come across your self invited out and on a blacklist. Escort open their incall to all varieties of customers. But in carrying out so, this will not mean that clients need to make themselves at residence. Clientele should stay clear of rearranging every thing within the area which includes furnishings, perfume, and toiletries among other points. You’ll need to know that you’re right after all, in an office, within a location of operate, even if it’s the elite escorts London dwelling.

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An porn star escorts UK residence is her dwelling so behave like a gentleman

Consumers who want to spend significantly less on higher class british female escorts are inclined to do incall in lieu of outcall. But when clientele do incall, 1 error they do would be to make themselves at dwelling. If you do not respect the glamour model escorts household you may not get a terrific encounter. Do not go about the residence checking all the things up mainly because you might obtain yourself invited out and on a blacklist. As you could expect an incall London high class escorts has a number of clients that come to her property. Nonetheless this doesn’t mean that you simply really should feel at household. Steer clear of roaming around the room to rearrange the furniture or her items. You need to understand that you’re right after all, in an workplace, in a place of perform, even if it is actually the porn star escort London dwelling.

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