LUISAVIAROMA & LELO Collaborate in Commemoration of World AIDS Day

LELO, in collaboration with the luxury boutique LUISAVIAROMA, presents the exclusiveAdore Me” pleasure set. This limited edition capsule collection is part of the LUISAVIAROMA LVR Edition 11 project and will be sold exclusively on LUISAVIAROMA.COM, starting from Friday, 1st of December at 12:00.

This elegant and sophisticated black box contains seductive SUTRA chainlink cuffs made from 100% pure silk, INTIMA silk blindfold and MIA 2, the lipstick style LELO massager, made even more exclusive by the LVR editions logo, all you need to indulge in pleasure and stylish moments of complicity and intimacy.

The launch of the limited edition will take place on December 1st, in occasion of the World AIDS Day. For this reason, LELO decided to include in the set the reinvented HEX condom that guarantees resistance, subtlety and sensitivity thanks to the revolutionary hexagonal structure, allowing complete safety and tranquility during intimate moments.

With HEX, LELO has changed the perception of condoms and safe sex by promoting the use of what remains the most effective method of prevention, not only against unwanted pregnancies but also against sexually transmitted diseases (including the HIV virus), through a product of advanced technology.

LELO & LUISAVIAROMA, an exceptional partnership with luxury and sophistication for those who want to experience “unexpected moments” of passion in complete safety. The sets are available exclusively on the LUISAVIAROMA website. 

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The Tip of Your Tongue: Oral Sex Positions that Take Serious Balance

Oral sex positions are our favorite thing to write about, simply  because there are so possibilities – you can really let the creative juices flow, so to speak.

That’s not to say that straying from the receiver-lying-on-their-back configuration won’t require some finesse – not to mention strength and balance – but that can be half the fun! Below, we explain 3 of our favorite and most ambitious positions for oral pleasure.

The Golden Apple

Difficulty: 3/5

With the bottom of the receiving partner firmly in their partner’s hands, their pleasure is front and center. The receiver’s attention, however, will probably be on how sore their arms are getting and how precarious their balance is.

We highly recommend trying this on a bed – and a pillow on the bottom partner’s lap isn’t overkill either. However, won’t your yoga teacher be proud of how open your shoulders are?

The Bow Down

Difficulty: 4.5/5

It so happens that performers of cunnilingus don’t usually get stuck in an uncomfortable position as often as, say, someone giving a blow job – because seriously, that hurts your knees.

Enter the Bow Down oral sex position. Your partner will be so impressed with your hand-stand skills (using a wall isn’t cheating) that they will have to bow at the waist in respect…before lavishing you with oral attention.

The Smile Driver

Difficulty: 5/5

Look, we’re not saying don’t try this at home, but this position comes with a ‘Handle with Care’ warning. Serious strength is needed from the person holding their partner, and serious trust from the person being held.

But since we know that you care to dare, remember to clear away any breakables, have a safe word in case anyone gets a bit tired, and first place trophy to those who can boss this level of oral.

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Tis The Season To Be Pleasin’…If You’re at an Office Party!

If survey results are anything to go by from LELO fans across the globe, there’s a very good chance you could be getting more than a candy cane at the office Christmas party this year. A global survey from the leading pleasure brand found 40% of people admitted to hooking up at their festive fiestas in the past, with 83% enjoying it so much – they’d do it again!

Furthermore, results unveiled, the most likely kinky claus has been identified as an American male, 31-40 years old, working in sales and in a long term relationship . And according to the survey, which was run across 22 countries including North America, Australia, Europe and South America, a staggering 63% didn’t even use a condom, despite 55% of respondents saying they usually do.

Some other key findings included:


  • Virgos are most likely to commit some apres work shenanigans (12.5%) with, Aries less likely to hook up at only 5%
  • Sales workers appear to be the most horny with almost one in five admitting to their office trysts (20%), surprisingly health workers take out the number two spot at 12% and transport and logistics workers in third place (9%)
  • Over half of respondents (52%) claimed it happened as they finally managed to hook up with their work crush and over a third (31%) said they didn’t even know how it happened – it just did.
  • The fact that nearly two thirds of people didn’t protect themselves is alarming, but fortunately 97% reported no negative consequences other than the awkwardness on Monday morning, reported by one in five people.
  • As far as who’s hooking up with whom, a surprisingly low 18% said it was with someone senior. But that’s offset by a very surprising minority of people, 5%, who said they’d had sex with the party event staff.
  • Perhaps the least surprising results from the survey was that alcohol was involved in 78% of erotic office encounters, and 69% said the sex was initiated by the other person.

Whilst this survey certainly gives us some sexy festive facts and humor, the seriousness is the fact that people are still not protecting themselves when it comes to sex. Condom-use is imperative for the fight against STIs, STDs and unwanted pregnancies and we always strive to communicate these key messages to the public when talking about our HEX condom.

In fact, since the most common birthday in the US is September 19, working backwards reveals that the most common date for the conception of a child is December 24th so there’s no better time to stock up on your HEX!

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Green Light – An Erotic Story

The following lesbian erotic story is inspired by the work of Thais Duthie, whose work you can read in Spanish here. This adaptation is a classic piece of autoerotica: automobile erotica, that takes us back to younger days of lust by the dashboard light…

It was already a really wonderful day.

Zero problems at work – they even brought my coffee the way I liked it: lots of foam, brown sugar. The weather had finally taken a turn for the cooler, and my driving lessons were going smoothly.

I was shifting into second gear, preparing to enter the roundabout but all the while thinking of the pizza I’d order for myself later. Deciding between four cheese or meat lover’s – or maybe even combining the two – I pondered out loud to my instructor.

What do you think, Iris?

As if the day wasn’t already wonderful enough, today’s driving lesson paired me with Iris, my favourite instructor, who didn’t seem to mind the two missed traffic lights from earlier, caused by me peeking at her instead of fully focusing on the road.

 What I am thinking is; if you can pull off this parking maneuver in less than two minutes, I’ll buy you a beer.

Consider it done.

I followed this assurance with a wink because, aside from those two missed reds, my heart similarly skipped when she looked at me that way.

One beer turned into three beers and a shared plate of fries, and I followed up her offer of a ride home with something like ‘Sure, but only because it means more time with you.’Even though I didn’t need the ride home, I had to say yes.

We spent about half an hour parked in front of my apartment building, me in the passenger seat, her straddled over my lap, relentlessly kissing my neck while her hands massaged my breasts over the thin fabric of my t-shirt.

It had all happened so fast that I still hadn’t reacted beyond the obligatory groping of her ass, probably because for the entire time we spend together during driving lessons, it’s one part of her that I can’t explore visually aside from her getting in and out of the car. But here I was, feeling it for myself, getting a tactile appreciation of her ass while she thrust her hips and I swear it wasn’t the only thing driving me crazy at that point. It was a sensory overload.

And just when I was thinking that the day couldn’t be any better, Iris takes her lips from mine for a second to take off her tank top, throwing it in the back seat as if to say she won’t be needing it for a while. No way would I ever complain, but I’d have liked a bit of warning I guess to stop myself hyperventilating. When I noticed she saw me so dumbstruck, all of my blood rushed to my cheeks in a cartoonish blush.

How embarrassing.

You’d think that I’d be prepared for her to unclasp her strapless bra, doing so in one swift motion causing it to fall between us as her breasts fell free but no, that’s when I was really having trouble finding my breath. I swear that I tried to take my eyes off of her breasts – her rosy red nipples, more precisely – but they were very welcoming, beckoning me to them.

 Come on, I know you’re dying to…

Not sure what she was about to say before my lips landed on her warm skin. Immediately I found myself between her breasts, refraining from focusing on her nipples at least for a moment – to torture her or me, I don’t know.

But almost as quickly, my mouth found her right nipple, licking and nibbling, alternating suction and guiding myself only by her moans.

I was hesitant to move on to the left nipple, thinking it would hasten my time with her gorgeous breasts – there are only two of them after all – but I gathered my courage and went for it. I felt her nipple harden in my mouth as she let a loud moan when I bit down for the first time. Her hands in my hair, she guided me, pulling me closer to her body.


She startled me, pulling me from my arduous task. If she had spoken up before, I don’t think I would have heard her, as engrossed as I was. My voice came out enraptured and vulnerable, simply saying ‘what?’ gave away how much of a poor victim of arousal I’d become.

 Let’s go upstairs. It’s my turn to play with your ass.

She whispered these intentions into my ear, punctuating the statement with a bite to my earlobe that caused me to moan deeply.


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No partner, No Problem: 4 Couples’ Toys You Can Use Solo

While we definitely have an opinion on what counts as a couples’ toy – ie: anything, if you put your mind to it – we know that some sex toys are specifically made for using for a partner. We also know that you may not always have a partner on hand.

Luckily, there’s more than one way to use any pleasure product if you’ve got a can-do attitude, so here are some ideas for how to use your ‘couples’ toy when you’re on your own lovely lonesome.

1.TOR 2

Vibrating cock rings serve a dual purpose; they gently restrict blood flow to the penis offering a fuller looking erection and the vibrating head offer the fun external vibrations that are an oh-so-welcome addition to penetrative sex.

However, flipped around so that its motor rests on the wearer’s testicles, TOR 2 adds a whole new dimension of pleasure to masturbation – which you may be able to enjoy your masturbation sesh even longer than than usual if you find that cock rings help you delay your orgasm.


Sometimes you just wanna twist and shout – and IDA is the perfect unconventional sex toy to help you do that.  Looking a lot like a stone for curling, it has a large disc shaped external arm that offers broad clitoral stimulation, and its inner arm starts thin and flows to a bulbous tip that twists and strokes your G-spot. It’s remote controlled which can make adjusting the power easier, though if you don’t want to fuss around with that, TARA is a cheaper, remote control-less option.  

Oh, and protip: definitely straddle a pillow while kneeling on your bed to feel the full effect of its external vibrations as you grind.

3.TIANI 24k

Technically, you could use any of the TIANI vibrators to masturbate, but we think the TIANI 24k is the best of the bunch because it has motors in both arms (as opposed to simple having external vibrations travel throughout the toy) so it offers more intense simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation.  

If you find many rabbit toys don’t quite fit your body, this is the perfect solution because it’s a lot smaller and more flexible, and you can pair it with your hand or another insertable toy like MONA 2 or LIV 2.


ODEN 2 is definitely unique, as cock rings go. Some people rave about it – and  yet for other couples it simply won’t do much during partnered sex, which can be incredibly frustrating…until you  realise how handy the hook-hand is when you use it as an insertable toy.

It’s just a bit beefier than your standard insertable bullet – it’s pretty similar to LYLA 2– but it also has a SenseMotion Remote, meaning you can adjust the intensity just by flicking your wrist!

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Not So Fast! How to Enjoy Sex in The Slow Lane

It’s true what they say: good things really do come to those who wait – including mind-blowing pleasure! Sure, quickies have their place, but sex in the slow lane can be extremely erotic; there’s something deeply sensuous, and not a little luxurious, about really taking time to explore each other’s bodies, and find out exactly what makes you tick.

The Case for Leisurely Loving

For hetero couples, shifting gear can help put what many see as the holy grail of sex squarely in their sights: the simultaneous orgasm. How so? By allowing plenty of time for her clitoral stimulation, which a saucy 70% of women cite as their number one catalyst for climax. See for us ladies, the access button to our most sensuous of secret weapons – the clit – is positioned outside of the body, meaning it tends not to receive much action during intercourse itself.

For the average chap, on the other hand, climax generally happens after between three and five minutes of penetration. Simply put, and despite everyone’s best intentions, when it comes to arousal time, men and women can often find themselves not on the same page.

Taking the slow road to pleasure can prove a more reliable route to bringing the both of you to the so-called orgasmic plateau – that super sexy state of arousal where climax is imminent – than a fast and furious quickie. Read on for some easy-peasy lifestyle tweaks, foreplay fixes, and in-the-act action plans to make sex last longer – and feel sensational!

Kegels: They’re Not Just for Women…

Chances are you’ve heard of Kegels before: named after their eponymous inventor who devised the squeeze ‘n’ release exercises in the 1940s, they hone the pelvic floor muscles. The benefits for women are widely touted, but did you know men can also gain from regular flexing?

As well as things like relieving urinary incontinence, getting into a regular routine can also boost his sexual stamina. Better yet, a gym membership is definitely not required: locate the exact muscles in question by stopping peeing mid-flow. Found ‘em? Build up to 15 reps of holding for five seconds, releasing for five seconds, three times a day.

Practice Pleasure

To be clear, the onus to make sex last longer most definitely isn’t solely on him. That said, here’s another very specific sexercise he can implement to slow things down: solo practice! Simply put, some quality one-on-one time between him and his manhood can help train and retrain physical responses. How so? Well, masturbation is usually a fairly hasty affair, with a single quick and clear goal: release. Is it any wonder that when it comes to being intimate with another person, events can prove equally, ahem, efficient?

That’s where the start/ stop method comes in. Self explanatory enough, it involves applying the brakes right before ejaculation, then waiting 15 seconds before starting up again. The goal here is to develop an awareness of the body’s signals and responses. Bring that know-how into the bedroom to slow things down.

Kiss Bliss

Isn’t kissing great? In longterm relationships in particular, it’s easy to forget how electrifying, or sensual, or intimate a not-so-simple kiss can be. But key to making sex last deliciously, languidly loooooonger is a change in perspective: this isn’t about the grand finale, it’s about slowing things down, it’s about savoring – it’s about the journey. Cue kissing!

Did you know that your tongue is home to a tingly concentration of nerve endings? When two come together, sparks fly. A wordless declaration of tenderness and desire, the joy that comes from simply locking lips can’t be beat!

Edging Towards Pleasure

Edging is the sublime art of bringing yourself – or a partner – to the brink of climax before taking things down a beat… and repeat! A great technique for building in added layers of anticipation, it’s also a good for bettering your own self-control and understanding your body. It can also be wonderfully kinky – we’re thinking restraints, blindfolds, vibrators… the works! Tease at pleasures to come (pun intended) with fingers, hands, tongues; perhaps a rabbit vibe or a prostate massager, until neither of you can resist a second longer…

During Sex: Coital Cruise Control

Once each and every sense has been titillated and teased to the point of irresistibility, there are still steps you can take to slow things down during the act itself. A cock ring like TOR 2 or PINO, for example, safely restricts blood supply away from his penis meaning not only a longer-lasting erection, but also giving his manhood a fuller appearance.

Limiting the depth of his thrusts can also spell the difference between a hot and hasty in-and-out, or longer-lasting loving. Positions like The Lazy Dog or Spoon, for example, offer intimacy galore while physically preventing very deep – and therefore intense – thrusts.

Final Thoughts

Between chasing deadlines and catching up on friend times, our day-to-day can feel a lot like a jam-packed to-do list in which efficiency is everything. If you feel sex is going the same way, then pause, think and breathe. Pleasure needn’t be hurried, and there’s a lot to be said for savoring prolonged passion. After all, can you ever have too much of a good thing?

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Can’t Decide? Read these LELO Reviews!

Is your head spinning from reading so many LELO product reviews?

It’s easy to say that LELO makes the very best pleasure products in the world, but when it comes to deciding exactly which one you’d like best, you may need to do a bit of homework. To help you out, we’ve assembled some of the most helpful LELO reviews around to help you make your choice!

LELO ELISE 2 Reviews

ELISE 2 Product Reviews

Love Me Truly, Madly, Deeply

“The ELISE 2 is the first vibrator to compel me to want to take my time and experience all of the pulsation, escalation, and vibration settings it offers.”

Read More of the Top LELO ELISE 2 Product Reviews.

Read LIV 2 Reviews

LIV 2 Product Reviews

The Ultimate Pleasure Object

“LELO recently revamped (the LIV 2) so I knew I was in for something interesting.”

Read more helpful product reviews of LIV 2

Read MIA 2 Reviews

MIA 2 Product Reviews

Can You Keep a Secret?

“One of the things I really liked about the Mia 2 is that it is longer than all of my other bullets […] Having a little extra length to hold onto makes it more comfortable to grip and manoeuver during play.”

Read more LELO product reviews about MIA 2

Read MONA 2 Reviews

MONA 2 Product Reviews

Curves in all the Right Places

“I do believe that I have found the exact toy to recommend to beginning G-spot hunters. […] Mona 2 is [also] a fucking great clitoral vibe.”

Read more MONA 2 product reviews

Read GIGI 2 Reviews

GIGI 2 Product Reviews

Ahead of the Curve

“LELO’s GIGI is famous for its flattened tip that gives an intensifying G-spot effect, which can also be turned to offer exceptional clitoral stimulation. It’s TWO vibrators in ONE!”

Read more LELO product reviews of GIGI 2

Read INA 2 Reviews

INA 2 Product Reviews

The Rabbit of a Lifetime

“Seriously, if you have a short attention span and you like vibrations of any sort, go out and get this toy. It’s changed everything for me, and I can’t recommend it enough. Ever.“

Read more INA 2 reviews like this one.

LELO LILY 2 Lavender Product reviews

LILY 2 Product Reviews

Arouse Your Senses

“A range of extremely stimulating vibrations and patterns that are sure to leave your body radiating with pleasure.”

Read more of this LILY 2 massager review. 


SONA Product Reviews

Clitorally Mindblowing

“As a frequent masturbator, I thought I had mastered the art of the silent orgasm, so as not to disturb my neighbours, of course. Despite this, SONA made me scream out loud in ecstasy.”

Read even more rave reviews of SONA.

LELO SIRI 2 Reviews


Sound-Responsive And Powerfully Resonant

“The Lelo Siri 2 has got me swaying, it’s got me jumping up and down, and it’s definitely got me singing from the roof tops”

Read more product reviews of SIRI 2. 

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When Your Thanksgiving Turkey is More Than Just a Dinner

Knowing your porn from your poultry this Thanksgiving will give some saucy shoppers even bigger discounts on LELO’s Black Friday menu.

Be it bronzed, oiled thighs, or a firm and juicy breast, Thanksgiving rings in a very specific type of food porn. If you can tell your turkey giblets and tender loins from your pert breasts and plump posteriors, you could be putting your knowledge to the win and receiving extra discounts on the already discounted Black Friday shopping days on Players with scores of 1-5 can enjoy an extra 3% and those scoring 6-10 can take 5% off all discounted products where Black Friday deals are reaching up to 50% off store-wide.

When you are done shopping for your LELO goods including the most popular toys such as the ALIA, LUNA BEADS and even the exclusive TIANI 24K ; LELO is offering up a plateful of fun in the form of some kinky food fetishes to try out. Just in time for the food festivities, LELO has announced the biggest fetishes around; discover the surprising world of sploshing, why cake-sitting actually is a thing and allowing you to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner this year in more ways than one!

A Tantalizing Tradition

Thanksgiving certainly has its sexy roots, but the holiday focus on food also lends it some delicious links, though they may not be quite as obvious. If your flavor run towards vanilla, well, don’t say we didn’t warn you when it comes to these kinkier practices.


Watching a partner nibble, lick, or devour certain aesthetically suggestive foods can understandably be kind of erotic. That’s right, we’re looking you at you, bananas, popsicles and, erm, hotdogs – as well as not-so-innocent figs and papayas. But a more niche group takes the eroticism of eating to another level: feeders and feedees.

Self-explanatory enough, enthusiasts get a kick from either being fed, or feeding – that may or may not be related to weight gain. Some may find larger bodies a turn-on and feed/eat to maintain or even increase their or their partner’s size; for others, the fetish is fundamentally about control and power, tapping into themes of submission and dominance through the real or role-played control of a partner’s food intake.


Also known as WAM (wet and messy, that is – which should offer some clue as to what’s involved here), sploshing sees partners cover each other with messy substances of various textures, temperatures and tastes. It’s often food, and at least one participant is usually naked. Think whipped cream, wallowing in a bath of baked beans, or chocolate sauce. Pleasure may be derived from smearing partners with said sustenance, as well as the apparently delicious sensation of otherwise unlikely substances on the skin.


A fairly niche form of food play, cake-sitting is the action of sitting bare-bottomed on a frosted cake, and itself a rather specialist form of sploshing. Although cake-sitting only relatively recently became a thing, even the most cursory of Google searches suggests that watching a woman (usually) sit on a cake is surprisingly popular. Each to their own…

And Now for Dessert…

Test your skills at and remember: the more you score, the more you can explore. Until 30 November, players scoring between 1 and 5 points will receive a code for an additional three percent discount on Black Friday savings. Score between 6  and 10 to receive an additional 5% discount.

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Balancing Act: 6 Standing Sex Positions to Keep You on Your Toes

Sex standing up is one of those things that looks effortlessly amazing in movies, yet if you’ve ever tried it, say, while in the shower, it was probably fraught with difficulty. There are a lot of factors that can make or break your successful stand up sex (never mind actually making it good sex) like relative height to your partner, flexibility and strength.


However, there are also a lot more types of stand up sex positions than that-one-everyone-has-seen-even-if-they-pretend-they-haven’t in The Notebook, and just because something might take a bit of effort doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. Plus, stand up sex definitely worst best when you’re having a quickie. So, without further ado, here are 6 stand up sex positions that have stood the test of time.


Difficulty: 3.5/5

This sex position requires no furniture and no props, and as such it can be performed anywhere, any time (within reason. And within the law). Get face to face yourselves face to face and the person who’s topping lifts up their partner by the bum, while the receiving partner wraps their legs around the other’s waist and adds to the support by wrapping their hands or arms around their neck neck.

Pros: It’s an energetic and bold position for passionate sex, and when it’s used when you’re having sex outside, it’s beautiful. It’s also a great way for the person who’s topping to take control and show off all their upper body gains.

Cons: It is quite hard work, and it definitely favors stronger folks and with lighter partners, with both people having to be on their toes (metaphorically speaking) about staying balanced.


Difficulty: 2.5/5

This position is quite similar to the previous, but makes the division of labor is more equal. Rather than having the topping partner support the entirety of their partner’s body weight, they just lend a helping hand by grabbing one of their legs and hooking their forearm under the back of their knee. It can be done with either partner leaning against a wall for extra support.

Pros: This is a lot easier on the person who’s thrusting, and is lot less of a trust exercise for the person who’s receiving―especially during shower sex.

Cons: You both need to be of similar height to pull this on off, and even so it requires a bit of flexibility from the person who is bottoming if they don’t want a cramp in their leg.


Difficulty: 2.5/5

Only the partner who’s thrusting stands in this position but who are we to be pedantic? (Answer: We definite are, in every conversation about Friends, ever.) Whoever is bottoming can either hangs of the forearm of their partner while reclining backwards and putting their legs up on their partner’s shoulders. Seem tough? It can also be altered to have the receiving partner sitting on a firm surface like a counter, table, or hood of a car if you’re looking to try car sex.

Pros: This position offers deep penetration, and because the receiver’s body weight is as supported as they want it to be. Also, since this is a legs-closed position, the sensations will be more intense for both.

Cons: If you do this on the hood of a car, you will definitely get butt prints on it.


Difficulty: 1.5/5

This very simple, standing sexual position is called ‘the frisk’ because the receiver’s stance – hands against the wall, bending slightly forward, feet apart – is similar to a police body search. Dare we say prime opportunity to incorporate some dress up and role play?

Pros: This position great because both couples can be in control of the speed and intensity of the action, and it works well in tight spaces like closets or airplane bathrooms. What’s more, this position will stimulate your partner’s G-spot if they are so equipped, and is also great for incorporating spanking with any partner.

Cons: It can become a little awkward if there’s a significant height difference between the couple, but it’s nothing that can’t be overcome with some experimentation and use of different furniture to help support. If you’re going to actually act out a traffic stop and frisk, please make sure you pick an isolated road for sexploring the great outdoors.


Difficulty: 4.5/5

The bottoming partner takes their weight on their hands with their arms outstretched on the floor (or on the bed, which is slightly easier). The thrusting partner stands on the floor and lifts up the receiver’s hips, supporting the weight of their legs under their arms.

Pros: You know that lightheaded feeling you get when all your blood rushes to your head? This is the position for you if you’re into that. You can also switch up the angle of entry depending on how high the topping partner lifts, and what surface the bottom partner holds uses to hold themselves up.

Cons: You both need a lot of strength and flexibility for this position, even to hold it for more than a couple of minutes but what’s good sex without slightly sore muscles the next day? You can adjust it so that thrusting partner is on their kneeling wheelbarrow position that will be less physically taxing.


Difficulty: 5.5/5

To get in this position, the receiving partner starts on the ground of bed and folds their arms backwards as if they’re going into a bridge, then their partner lifts up their hips.

Pro: It’s pretty much the same as above, with slightly different entry angles, though you get to look at something other than the floor which is nice.

Cons: This position required a ton of flexibility in the receiver’s arms and shoulders, as well as strength to keep themselves up.

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Planning makes my world.

I’m 32 5’6 a bit overweight and going bald. I’m not that great looking and I work as a strategic planner in a multi national company. After university I got this job for planning future directions of the company. I’m not the only one, there is a whol…

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